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March – August 2020

• Layout design for weekly commercial magazine

• Poster design
• Newspaper ad design
• Visual materials for stores

• Campaign design

Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 15.14.21.png

Luova Työmaa

April – August 2021

• Visual materials for clients and Luova Työmaa

• Designing digital and print material
• Light-weight motion graphics
• Website design

Lahden AKE - Library website design

• Visual concept for the website

• Photo editing & Visual elements
 Graphic charter

Lahden AKE library wanted to update their website. My role was to design a new concept for their website and make a raw visual version about it with a software called Sketch.


Lahden AKE itself is a territorial development project that is runned by main library of Lahti city. AKE consists on four different Finnish provinces and every one of those provinces has their own territorial colour. So the main idea was to use those different colors in their website concept.


The material for the website was mostly chosen by the customer, but I was given the chance to design it more neatly for the users. This consisted photo editing, defining typographic rules and making visual materials over all. I worked closely with a website coder on this project.


I also designed a graphic charter for Lahden AKE. It defines the rules for their logo and website material usage for later on.

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Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 14.06.42.png
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