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So a little bit about me

My name is Tuomas Mähönen. You probably have noticed that I'm a person that likes to draw and animate all sorts of stuff. That's absolutely correct! 

Although, I just don't "like" it. I love it. 

I am a BA graduate from Aalto University where I studied visual communication and design. My studies contained branding, typography, illustration, package design and such. During my last year in BA program, I specialised in animations. I consider animations as one of my strengths alongside with illustration skills.

I have helped a lot of different individuals and companies to improve their visual marketing and representations during my career as a graphic designer. I most likely would also love to help you with your visual challenges.

So if you are in need of visual help, please let me know. Let's solve the problem together!


Graphic Design
Visual identity
Print & Digital Design



Aalto University
School of Arts, Design, and Architecture
BA 2020


Major: Visual Communication Design

Minor: Animation

Helsingin Evankelinen Opisto

Graphic Design


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