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Social media campaign



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After effects



This projects main purpose was to market different kind of places around Finland where people could travel during summertime.


My task was to use pictures from clients photobank and market them in conceptual way in social media.

I also created a light-weight animation banner for  the campaign website.


I designed a frame that resembled post stamp and used it with every chosen picture. I also created a stamp kind of visual elements that showed where the picture is from and what was the campaign that was going on. I also animated the stamps with minimal movement and turned them into instagram stickers. 

I also designed an instagram bingo competition to for this campaign. It was a bingo with different kind of tasks on every box. A participant could use the bingo picture as a base image and check every completed task with a stamp gif that was designed for this campaign. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture about the bingo.

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